The cost of a study abroad program will depend on the type of program. Answers to common questions can be found at Financing your Study Abroad, and under Resources and Policies. For questions regarding financial aid or individual account/payment plans, please contact your Student Financial Services representative. 

Budgeting | Program expense estimates are available on the individual program brochure page and will also be provided to students and parents during the program acceptance phase in a program’s individual Statement of Responsibility (a document required of all students accepted to study abroad). Estimates are accessible from the time a student inquires to study abroad and may be updated any time prior to departure. Unless specified in the Statement of Responsibility as a billable item, all expenses are estimates. Actual costs are subject to change in accordance with exchange and inflation rates, host program or university fee increases, and variations in individual travel, housing, and spending habits. The cost estimates generally do not include costs of passports/visas, independent travel, and common personal expenses like toiletries and entertainment, which vary widely from student to student.

Students who anticipate that the educational costs of study abroad will be notably higher than their on-campus needs should consult with Student Financial Services to see if their financial aid package can be reviewed in light of the higher costs.

Billing | Billable expenses are outlined in the Statement of Responsibility and will be added to an individual’s student account in December/January for the Spring term abroad or July/August Summer for the Fall term abroad. All other program expenses listed in the Statement of Responsibility as Estimates have been provided to us by our partners as the approximate estimate for that expense for which a student may expect to spend. All estimates are considered out-of-pocket and will not be charged to the individual’s WU account. Common billable items include:

  • International Exchange Tuition: Tuition for study abroad is charged at the rate equivalent to tuition on campus for the corresponding period abroad. Only those costs associated with the educational portion of the program are covered by WashU tuition. The tuition fee does not include the cost of room and board, which will vary from site to site.
  • Semester or Year Abroad Student Health Insurance: The cost for mandatory Study Abroad Basic Accident and Sickness Insurance Plan through GeoBlue (formerly HTH) is approximately $250/semester but will vary based on the length of the program and if the host university bills WU for any mandatory insurance expenses. Depending on the host country requirements, students may be responsible for additional coverage – this will be communicated to students by the host university. Students studying abroad for a semester of academic year on an approved study abroad program will not be charged the WashU Health & Wellness Fee during their time abroad. View the insurance policy for more information.
  • International Programs Housing: Students do not pay WashU room and board fees; rather, they pay the room and board costs of the program. The student’s Program Agreement, issued during the semester prior to studying abroad, will provide specific details regarding the additional costs a student will and will not pay to WashU. Students are also responsible for cancelling any on or off-campus housing contracts by any dates set forth by Residential Life or their housing agency. This fee may appear later in the billing cycle if we are billed; if we are billed in foreign currency than we wait to forward the charge after payment is made in US Dollars.
  • Meal Plan: Partner institutions generally do not offer meals plans. Students will often have kitchens furnished with cooking utensils. Depending on the program, kitchens may be shared or private. Students participating in a program through a home-stay may have a certain number of daily meals provided. Expenses for home-stay meals will be included under Housing charges. Students will not be charged for WU meal plans while abroad.
  • International Travel Fee: Students participating in programs that participate in the European or Asian Academic Study Tour courses will be billed for expenses related that that courses. This fee may appear later in the billing cycle if we are billed; if we are billed in foreign currency than we wait to forward the charge after payment is made in US Dollars.
  • Cancellation Fee: If your child has withdrawn following any withdraw or cancellation dates, any expenses or fee accured on their behalf will be billed as “International Exchange Tuition.”

Summer Programs | For most summer programs, students pay a program fee that includes tuition, administration fees, and other program-related expenses. Some program providers may require deposits or full payments to be collected in advance. WU program fees do not cover any study abroad program costs that are not explicitly listed on a program’s budget sheet or Statement of Responsibility, which may include the room, board, transportation, personal expenses, passport, or visa fees. Such costs are charged separately either by WU, the program sponsor, or a third party. Students’ financial aid packages generally do not provide funding for summer experiences, domestic or international. Students should contact Student Financial Services to determine whether additional loans are available. Additional funding may be available through scholarships. See “Scholarship Opportunities” under the “Plan” tab for more details.