Explore programs in the Study Abroad Portal. Discuss the options and how they align with your goals with your four year advisor, global ambassdors, and a Global Programs Coordinator. Searching “BSBA” can narrow your search to all the BSBA Global Programs. Once you have chosen a program, follow the instructions for your WUSTL Approval Application and your Program Admission Application. Many programs involve a two-step application and admission process and you will need both WUSTL Approval to transfer credit and Program Admission from the provider or host university to participate in study abroad.

Students can only apply to one program per application cycle.

Students are selected for study abroad programs based on the following criteria: academics and GPA, personal essay/goals, academic fit for a specific program, academic standing, and letters of recommendation. For certain study abroad destinations with limited availability, the selection process is quite competitive. All students who qualify for study abroad are offered a location for study, but because of the competitive process, some may not be admitted to the school or destination that they most prefer. 

Application Process

WUSTL Approval Application |
Opening an Application | Click Study Abroad Portal and search for the program to which you would like to apply. Click the Apply Now button at the top of the brochure. You may only apply to one program per term. Your application is in Pending status while you complete the following components, all of which will be available once you open an application:

Recommendations | Some applications may require you to provide up to two recommendations. Please make recommendation requests at least three weeks prior to the application deadline. Students should discuss their program with recommenders prior to requesting the recommendation through the online system.

Required Forms to Complete and Turn In | Submit printed forms to Simon 118. Global Programs will check off these materials within 5 business days once submitted.

Required Documents Needing Your Signature | You are responsible for reading and understanding all signed materials. WUSTL students can digitally sign materials 24 hours after opening an application. If you are not a registered WUSTL student, you must submit photo identification to be able to digitally sign. 

Questions You Must Answer | Complete all essays and questionnaires. If you are waiting to receive a passport, you can upload the valid passport photocopy after the deadline.
A check will appear next to each submitted item. Submit all components by the appropriate deadline.

Program Admission Application | In addition to the Global Programs application process, some exchange partners may require you to submit an additional application to their institution. Application forms for most approved programs are available on-line at the program’s or university’s website. You are responsible for completing all forms and requesting any additional recommendations from faculty. Olin Global Programs will forward your official WUSTL transcript and recommendations in some cases.

Application Review

WUSTL Approval Decision |
Under Review | After the deadline, your application will be moved to the Under Review status and the Global Programs coordinators will begin to review all completed applications. At this time you can login to the Study Abroad Portal to view and complete pre-departure requirements.

WUSTL Approved | If you are approved by Olin Global Programs, your application will be moved to WUSTL Approved status and you will receive an approval email. The WUSTL Approved status means Global Programs coordinators have reviewed your application and approved you to participate in the program for WUSTL credit.

Committed | To confirm your intention to participate, you must click the Confirm button on your online application to move your application to the Committed status. 

Program Admission Decision

Confirmation of Admission Offer | If applicable, you need an acceptance offer from the program provider or partner institution to participate in the program. When you receive admission notification, please provide Olin Global Programs with a copy of the admission letter or email. Your WUSTL Application will then be moved to the Confirmation of Admission Offer status.