For students applying to one of the Global Programs internship programs, there will likely be another step in the application process in addition to applying through the site and enrolling in courses through WebSTAC. This additional process is a formal interview with the company that facilitates internship placement and in some cases, an interview with the companies that students will be interning for. These interviews will be arranged by the Global Program partner organizations and are an important part of securing the internship portion of the experience. The Olin Global Program coordinators and the partner organizations will provide guidelines for the interview process including arranging interviews, how to prepare, and interview timelines.

Internships abroad are fundamentally different that those in the US. They often place emphasis on exposure and  are not regarded as a fixed term form of employment. These opportunities are also often a student’s first form of work experience. Therefore, it’s important to keep in mind that this is an interview and placement process and students do not always have the opportunity to select the company for which the hope to intern. Some students may interview with one company and are placed immediately, while others participate in multiple interviews with different companies during a lengthy placement process. It is ultimately the company’s decision to grant an internship opportunity.