Personal and academic conduct | Washington University students participating in any study abroad program, whether sponsored by Washington University, another US-based study abroad organization, or direct enrollment at a foreign university, are expected to behave in a manner that is consistent with the behavioral standards of the Washington University Judicial Code. As a participant in an Olin Global program, students are expected to adhere to the policies stated in the Olin Business School’s BSBA Code of Conduct. Disruptive behavior, academic dishonesty and other improprieties will not be tolerated.

Students must also comply with the rules and regulations of any program sponsor or host institution. It is imperative that students comply with the local laws, regulations, and cultural norms in the foreign country or countries in which they reside or travel during the program, including times when they are engaged in independent activities. Participation in the program may be terminated by WU, the program sponsor or host university for violation of these standards. If a student is expelled from a program, program fees and academic credit are forfeited. Students may have to return to Washington University at their own expense to appeal a disciplinary decision. Drug use and other illegal activities | The possession or use of any quantity of marijuana, cocaine, or other illegal substance is strictly prohibited. This prohibition applies not only while students are in the company of fellow participants, but also while they are alone or with people not associated with the program. The consequences of substance abuse or other illegal activity at any time during the program include immediate expulsion from the program, forfeiture of all program fees, and loss of academic credit for the program. Furthermore, U.S. citizens in a foreign country are subject to the laws of that country.  Neither the U.S. Embassy nor Washington University can obtain your release from jail; they can only aid in obtaining legal assistance for you.