Educational systems vary from country to country. Here are a few common differences:

Grading Scales and Credit Hours | WU will convert the foreign grade and credit hours to the US equivalent using the International Grade Conversion scale listed on the Program Specific Information page.

Study Habits | Academic and learning structure differ from country to country. US institutions often follow a continual assessment model, meaning you are earning and receiving grades through the semester through homework, quizzes, projects, and participation. It is not uncommon for foreign institutions to follow a single assessment model, meaning you may only be graded on a final project or exam. This can often come as a shock to students, so make sure to understand the local expectations and adjust your study habits accordingly. If a class is above your level, immediately work with your host university to make arrangements to switch classes where possible. If the class is below your level, determine whether or not you should change your courses or give yourself supplemental material to stay on track with your degree program at WashU.

Books and Syllabi | You may not have books and a syllabus may never be given. Attend every class, even if it is not required. Keep all materials with you and bring them home.

Language Learning | Often times more language learning comes from your experiences outside of the classroom as opposed to your daily lessons. Take advantage of your location and do your best to speak the local language as often as possible.

Support | You are a local student. Most campuses will treat you as though you are a local student and have the exact same expectations. Determine what kind of support services/labs/tutors they may offer to their domestic students. If you are having difficulties always contact the host university’s international office to see what kind of additional support may be available to you.

If you register for a course that was not pre-approved prior to departure, it is your responsibility to have it evaluated within the first two weeks of your program abroad. Immediately email the course description to your BSBA Global Programs coordinator requesting for a course evaluation and include the course description, syllabus, and the equivalency for which you are seeking credit.

While abroad you will be prompted to log in to your Study Abroad Portal to complete the BSBA Courses Abroad questionnaire. You will list the courses that you have registered for abroad so we can confirm how they will count towards your WUSTL degree requirements. Any courses that have not been pre-approved must be evaluated during this time. Refer to the Course Evaluation Process on this website and in your Study Abroad Portal