All students participate in various pre-departure, on-site, and post-program orientations. These are intended to provide students with general guidance and students are expected to research site specific information.

Pre-Departure (300A) | All students participating in Olin semester programs are required to enroll and participate in pre-departure and returnee coursework. INTL 300A, Planning for International Learning, is a 0.5 credit course designed to prepare students for their experience overseas the semester before they travel.  This course must be taken for a grade and students who do not successfully complete the class may be dismissed from the program. This is offered for Spring abroad students only.

Post-Program (300B)| INTL 300B, Applying International Experiences, is a 0.5 credit hour online course required of all students who participated in an Olin semester abroad program which will focus on how to articulate transferable skills, and other post-departure information that will allow students to translate their abroad experiences into the working world. This course is taken online during the term of your study abroad experience and must be taken for a grade.

Fall Orientation | Olin organizes an alternative to INTL 300A for Fall abroad students. Students participating in the Fall program must attend all pre-departure orientations as organized by Olin Global Programs and do not earn credit for the pre-departure orientation. Students must still participate in INTL 300B during the semester that they are abroad. 

On-Site Orientation | students must participate in all on-site orientation programs offered by the host institution.