Fulfill all pre-departure requirements and learn about health and safety abroad. Research your host country and culture and consider how aspects of your identity may be perceived. Make sure to also review important information in the “Academics” tab at every stage of the process.

HANDBOOK: The Study Abroad Handbook includes information on Washington University policies, procedures, and services. Should should revisit the handbook during all phases of study abroad.

PRE-DEPARTURE REQUIREMENTS: Steps you need to take before you depart, ranging from the forms you need to complete for your study abroad program and Washington University to getting your travel documents and plans in order.​

PASSPORT & VISAS: Review common considerations regarding passport and visa requirements.

HEALTH & SAFETY: Your well-being is the most important factor to consider while you are abroad. Evaluate your health needs and make sure to visit your health care providers.​ Learn about the steps Global Programs takes to help students be safe and access resources that help students prepare for a safe study abroad experience.