The effective date of your withdrawal is the date that the written request is received and acknowledged by Olin Global Programs. If you are offered admission to a program and declare your intent to participate then subsequently decide to withdraw from participation, you must notify both Global Programs and the Program Sponsor in writing. Students withdrawing from a domestic study away program are subject to the same withdraw and refund policies as all other Global Programs.

See the Withdrawal Policy for additional instructions and information.

Voluntary Withdrawal Before the program begins: When you accept an offer of admission to a program you authorize Washington University to make deposits and/or advance payments related to your participation to affiliated institutions. Even when program deposits are not required prior to departure, reservations may have been made on a student’s behalf once they have committed to the program. Should you withdraw voluntarily at any time after you accept to participate, or if your acceptance to the program is rescinded prior to the start of the program, you will be charged for any unrecoverable deposits and/or advanced payments made on your behalf via your Washington University student account. If you withdraw at any time after accepting an offer of admission, you remain individually responsible for cancellations fees and any other financial obligation made on your behalf. These may be due either to an affiliated institution or Washington University.

Voluntary Withdrawal After the program begins: The program begins on the date of the first scheduled activity for which attendance is required. After that date, any adjustment of billed tuition and fees due to involuntary or voluntary withdrawal can be made only as approved by Olin Global Programs. A portion of the program fees may be recoverable for the student from the program sponsor or foreign institution, depending on its refund policies, specific contractual requirements, and individual circumstances; however a refund should not be expected. The refund, if any, will be authorized and calculated on a case-by-case basis. Note that in the event a refund is approved by Global Programs, all financial obligations due the host institution abroad must be satisfied before any refund may be processed and Olin Global Programs Cancellation Fees still apply. Refunds are first applied as credit to any unpaid program fees posted to the WU student account. Any remaining credit will be refunded by check according to policies and procedures set forth by WU Student Financial Services.

Since most financial assistance is awarded based on a student’s enrollment status, withdrawal may result in award adjustments and program ineligibility. Students receiving financial aid are strongly encouraged to consult a Financial Aid Advisor to review the impact that a withdrawal will have on their financial aid package at Washington University. Federal student aid recipients may be subject to Federal Title IV regulations; as such refunds may be adjusted by the Office of Student Financial Services.

Dismissal from the program: A student who is dismissed from the study abroad program is not eligible for refund and is subject to additional expenses depending upon the circumstances of the dismissal.

Study abroad refunds will be applied as credit to unpaid program fees posted to the student’s Washington University student account. Any remaining credit will be refunded by check according to policies and procedures set forth by Washington University Student Financial Services.