Students who are interested in the experience of studying abroad for one or two semesters without receiving Washington University credit can take a Leave of Absence (LOA). Credit earned abroad while on an LOA cannot be transferred to Washington University. An LOA will allow you to retain your WUSTL email address and to be automatically reinstated for registration for your return to Washington University. Carefully research program options that will meet your needs and provide a level of support. You are responsible for paying the program sponsor yourself and no Washington University financial assistance can be applied to a program during an LOA. Check with the program about applying for federal aid and outside scholarships, grants, and loans.

Students must apply for a Study Abroad Leave of Absence before May 1 for Fall or December 1 for Spring. They will complete the Leave of Absence Request form here as well as an application in the Study Abroad Portal. 

International Students and Leave of Absence | If you are an international student currently studying in the United States on a visa you will need to contact the Office of International Students and Scholars before taking a leave of absence to find out what requirements you must meet in order to be allowed back into the United States after completing your leave of absence.  It is your responsibility as an international student to investigate any issues there may be to your taking a leave of absence.