Once your study abroad experience is complete, coursework you have taken abroad will be transferred into your academic records at Wash U. For some programs, such as faculty led and internship programs, the courses are transcripted through Wash U, and there is no transfer of credits necessary. For students participating in an exchange program, you will need to arrange to have coursework taken abroad transferred back to Wash U

Pre-evaluation | It is important to get any courses you take abroad pre-evaluated through Olin Global Programs. This will enable students to know how coursework taken abroad will count towards their degree requirements. Please see the Course Evaluation site for more details.

Transferring credit | Before credits taken abroad can be officially brought into a student’s academic record, Olin Global Programs must have a copy of the official transcripts. Please note that receiving official transcripts can take some time, and students should ask their host university if transcripts are sent automatically to Wash U or if they will need to be requested. If transcripts do need to be requested, it is recommended that you do this immediately after your term abroad ends. Official transcripts must be sent directly to the Olin Global Programs coordinators from the host university. Transcripts cannot be accepted if submitted by students.

Credits Abroad | You must take every course abroad for a grade (pass/fail courses will not transfer back to WU for credit).  An equivalent grade of C or better on the program transcript or grade report is required to be awarded WU credit for foreign coursework. However, except for any WU courses taught or supervised abroad by a WU faculty member, study abroad grades will not be recorded by WU, so your WU grade point average will not be affected. The awarded WU credits will appear on the WU student record under the semester in which you studied abroad. These will be posted as transfer credit and the institution issuing the credit will be noted.  Grades will be recorded and posted under the appropriate semester for those courses taught abroad by WU professors or other faculty hired by WU to teach specific courses. (For example, this is the case for the London Internship business coursework.)

Bear in mind that your grades from abroad matter! This transcript will become a permanent part of your portfolio of academic accomplishments and graduate schools, and professional schools will want a copy so they can review the course titles and grades (they may calculate a composite GPA too). In addition, GPA will be calculated in some honor societies such as Beta Gamma Sigma.