In addition to our study abroad programs, Olin offers experiential programs that involve travel domestically. Administered by Olin Global Programs, student groups are led by an Olin faculty member and participate in site-visits and interactive experiences with business leaders. These programs are shorter, typically running from 3-7 days and may or may not be credit bearing.

To be admitted to a domestic immersion program, students must meet any pre-requisites, apply to and be admitted to the program via an application on the Study Abroad Portal. If offered for credit, students must also enroll in the associated coursework through their WebSTAC account. The brochure pages for these programs will contain more information about enrollment requirements, estimated costs, travel dates and program itineraries. Students participating in domestic programs are equally subjected to the same eligibility rules and policies as students participating on international study abroad programs.

Billing and Fees | Reservations for these programs often need to be made immediately upon receipt of a student’s “Intent to Participate”. Therefore, students may be billed either prior to or post travel. If student withdraws prior to departure, or start of the course, they may still be responsible for expenses made on their behalf even if at the time of withdrawal charges have not yet been posted to the Student Account. See the refund policy for clarification.

Students participating on Domestic Immersion Programs are subject to the same policies and procedures as International Study Abroad programs.