Global Programs’ list of approved programs will meet the needs of most students. In some cases, students will have compelling academic reasons to submit a departmental or alternative program petition in order to be eligible to earn Washington University credit abroad. Students can also take a leave of absence to study abroad without earning Washington University credit.

Alternative Program Petition | Students seeking to earn Washington University credit for an alternative program not on the list of Washington University approved programs are required to submit a petition to the Global Programs coordinators. Students must have compelling academic reasons, and strong academic preparation in order to successfully petition for an alternative program. 

A political science and economics major wishes to study the European Union. He has taken a number of courses in both of his majors, on Europe, and has studied some French. He petitions for participation in the Educational Programmes Abroad program in Belgium and is approved.

A marketing major has always wanted to live in Spain and loves Spanish food and culture. She has not taken any Spanish language and has only taken one course in her major. She finds a program in Spain taught in English that allows plenty of time for recreational travel. Her petition is denied.

Make sure to review the Alternative Program Petition Instructions and Application.

Approved Petitions | If the petition is approved by the Global Programs Academic Review Board, your online petition application will be moved to a program application and you will need to complete a set of materials. The program will be considered a WUSTL-approved program with all of the rights and responsibilities that come with that designation. The payment of fees and application of financial aid will follow Global Programs financial procedures and policies. The program transcript will be reviewed upon return for Washington University credit and you will be required to fulfill all academic requirements while abroad.

Summer Petitions | Students participating on an approved petition during the summer term will be charged an Global Programs Administrative Fee for every three credit hours earned on a transferable coursework.

Denied Petitions | If the petition is denied, the student may apply for a regularly approved program.