Choosing housing is an important decision. Please review the information regarding the commonly chosen ones. Regardless of which housing type you pick please remember read the lease or contract thoroughly. Once a contract or lease is signed you will not be able to cancel it easily.

We have been advised by Washington University’s office of Residential Life that on-campus housing for Fall entry students will be extremely limited but they hope to be able to place new exchange students in University-owned off-campus housing. Students may also seek housing independently if they prefer. More information will be shared directly with students when they are admitted. All off-campus students are required to purchase a minimal meal plan regardless if you live with Residential Life or not.

Washington University Housing Options for Exchange Students
Residential Colleges at WU or Shared Apartment through the Office of Residential Life

Both traditional on-campus residential colleges (residence halls with single and double rooms) and near-by student apartments are available.  The general Residential Life website is:

Information on residence halls is available through the main Residential Life website. Generally, the South 40 is home to all first year student plus some more advanced students. Younger students tend to predominate.

The North Side (the Village, WU apartments) tends to attract more advanced students and is often a more appropriate demographic for exchange students. 
The Lofts are conveniently located on Delmar Loop near restaurants and shops.

If you wish to apply for either Washington University residence halls or apartments, you must fill out the Exchange Student Housing form available through the Residential Life website.   Residential Life will be responsible to assign you to a space. You may be assigned to share an apartment or residence hall suite with another exchange student unless you specifically request not to. For more information about applying for housing and room rates visit the . 

The fees posted are based on a full academic year, so the semester cost should be approximately half of the posted cost. All housing and meal costs associated with residence halls and WU apartments are posted on your Washington University billing account.

It is important that you submit your application promptly because we will assign your application in the order it was received.  Student who enter into contracts with Residential Life are expected to honor them.   Students who cancel their University Housing applications are subject to a $500.00 cancellation fee.

Housing assignments are often made late – in late July or early August for Fall-entry students, December for Spring students. You will be able to view your housing assignment via the WebSTAC student information system in late July.

  • You will be responsible for the terms of the lease and will be expected to pay the rent for the full term of the contract even if you cancel the lease contract.


  • You pay an all-inclusive fee that covers rent, utilities, university telephone and Ethernet service, and maintenance of a furnished room or apartment.
  • You purchase a meal plan that covers some or all of your meals through the University dining facilities.
  • You live on or near campus and have easy access to all student facilities and activities.
  • Residential Life residence halls and  apartments are near main transportation routes (Metro, shuttle bus)
  • Your housing contract ends at the end of the semester and you pay your housing fee through the WU billing service rather than by means of a monthly check.


  • This option may be more expensive than some others.
  • For graduate students, living with younger students may not be desirable.
  • We cannot guarantee that WU residence halls or apartments will be available for Fall-semester students. There is always space available in Spring.

Sublease of Leased Apartment Owned by Quadrangle (a housing company owned by WU) or independent Landlord

Search through the WU Apartment Referral Service,
You may use criteria such as distance from the university, amenities, etc. to limit options.
Often apartments found through this search will include those vacated by WU undergraduate students spending Spring term abroad. Some may have furnished common spaces but not bedroom furnishings, others will be completely furnished.
Some will include utilities (electric, gas, water, telephone) in the price of rent, while others will not.


  • You may be able to find more economical accommodations by subleasing.
  • The utility service should already be established.
  • If you are in a Quadrangle-owned sublease you are likely to have Ethernet service.


  • You may be responsible for payment though the end of the lease, which could be beyond your intended stay in the US. Be sure to ask!
  • You may be taking someone’s room in a shared apartment. Try to establish contact with the remaining roommates to determine compatibility before making a decision.
  • If you are being asked to take over the lease of a studio or 1-bedroom apartment you may be asked to assume full legal responsibility for utility payments, some of which may not be determined until after you have left the US.

Leased Apartment Through Quadrangle (a housing company owned by WU)

Primarily for graduate students, opportunities may be available for undergraduate students if there are apartments available.Website:

  • Prices can range from:
  • $500 – 690 per month for efficiency and studio
  • $575- 650 1-bedroom apartments
  • $700 – $850 per month for 2-bedroom apartments
  • $850 – $1000 per month for 3-bedroom apartments
  • Some prices will include the cost of utilities (gas, electric, water, telephone), others will not. This varies from building to building.
  • You may need to pay a security deposit, generally the equivalent of 1 month rent, which will be refunded when you leave.
  • All off-campus students are required to purchase a minimal meal plan.


  • All Quadrangle apartments are on main transportation routes (Metro, shuttle bus) and in areas convenient to the WU campus.
  • It is possible to lease an apartment from August – December or January – May only.
  • All occupants will be WU students, either undergraduate or graduate students.
  • Credit cards accepted.


  • Most of these apartments will not be furnished.
  • If utilities are not included, you will be responsible for establishing utility services. This may be complicated as a visiting international student and can take time.
  • You will be responsible for the terms of the lease and will be expected to pay the rent for the full term of the contract even if you cancel the lease contract.

Note about individual postings for rent through Craigslist, etc.

Although increasing in popularity, arrangements with individuals offering housing through posting sites are subject to change quickly and without notice.  Please take caution if you are considering finding housing through one of these sites.