Once you’ve thought about your academic goals and the type of experience you want to have, search our Program Database.

Academic Considerations | There are a number of academic factors to consider when selecting a program. Among the primary ones are whether the student meets (or can meet) the program’s eligibility requirements. Students should also consider their individual needs, such as, whether a program’s curriculum will allow them to meet their specific foreign language or cultural goals; satisfy requirements specific to their academic field; or meet Washington University distribution requirements.

Olin Global Programs are designed to fulfill the needs and learning outcomes desired for a well-rounded business experience. Therefore, students participating on Olin programs are expected and required to earn at least half the courses taken abroad in the area of business. Likewise, if a business student is planning to participate on a program through their second major (i.e. psychology), the student is expected to not anticipate earning business credit on a non-business program. Students should select programs that allow for a strong range of flexibility in one academic area for which they wish to pursue. 

Make sure to familiarize yourself with the academic policies to determine what kind of credit may be transferable from abroad.

Career Considerations | Different career industries have difference recruitment cycles, so it is advantageous to meet with a Weston Career Center (WCC) advisor should you have any questions as to when the best term to study abroad would be for you. For example, if the recruiting cycle for your career path is during the spring semester, it may be wise to consider going abroad in the fall, and vice versa. 

Program Types | Study abroad programs can take many forms. Some are focused on internship experience and others involve direct enrollment in a partner university abroad.  A program may combine direct enrollment with courses taught exclusively for U.S. students, or you may be directly enrolled in courses with local students. It is essential that the student understands to which kind of program they are applying. Talk to a Global Programs coordinator and Global Ambassadors of the program about its benefits and potential drawbacks. If housing is guaranteed through a program, students must participate in the guaranteed housing. Anyone wanting to opt out of guaranteed housing will need to petition to the Global Programs Advisory Board.

Personal Considerations | Personal considerations, both needs and preferences, should also be part of the program choice. A student who is happiest in large cities may not do well in a program that takes place in a primarily rural setting with limited facilities. A student with any disability that requires accommodations or severe food allergies needs to be aware of whether their needs can be met. It is best if students do some soul searching first, then some research, to assure the program will be appropriate both personally and academically. Search Online Database |

  1. Open our Program Database.
  2. Choose your major, minor, or other area of significant concentration in the list of approved departments and select any additional parameters that match your interests. You can also simply type in “BSBA” to bring up a list of all the Olin Global Programs.
  3. Click on the program name to view an information brochure. Brochures include basic information about eligibility, academics, location, and other program details.

Note: BSBA prime majors who choose to participate in a program outside of Olin (such as one offered through A&S) are subject to the policies and procedures of the department offering the program, as well as the Academic Credit policy of Olin.