You are about to begin what will likely be one of the most exciting challenges of your life. It is not too early to start thinking about the steps you need to take before you depart. 

Acceptance Materials | In order for your study abroad application to be considered complete, you must submit all of the documents listed in your Study Abroad Portal. This may mean completing WU post-decision materials, internship interviews, and host university application and acceptance materials.  Information on host university application processes will be provided to students accepted by Olin Global Programs. Timelines for when materials are required vary by partner school. 

Responsibilities | As you prepare for your study abroad experience, it is important that you understand all relevant academic policies and the resources that will be available to you. Please review the Resources and Policies page for more information.

Courses Equivalencies | To ensure that the courses that you take abroad will be transferred back as graduation requirements, please review the list of course equivalencies that have previously been established with our partner institutions. If you want to take a class that is not on the list, you can have it evaluated to see how it will come back as Wash U credit. Please review this process on the Course Evaluations page. 

Pre-Departure and Post-Program Orientation | All students participating in Olin semester programs are required to enroll and participate in pre-departure and returnee coursework. INTL 300A, Planning for International Learning, is a 0.5 credit course designed to prepare students for their experience overseas the semester before they travel. INTL 300B, Applying International Experiences, is a 0.5 credit hour online course required while abroad that will discuss what students are learning abroad and help students articulate those lessons for employers, graduate schools, etc. This course must be taken for a grade and students who do not successfully complete the class may be dismissed from the program.

Travel | Wait until dates have been confirmed AND you have been admitted to the program before buying plane tickets. Some programs may have activities that occur before or after the host institution dates.

Career Center Guidance | The Weston Career Center can provide you with guidance on signing up for interviews and conducting skype interviews from abroad. Update your resume with your skype address. It is advantageous for your to meet with a WCC advisor prior to departure should you have any questions.